The typical process for any prospective member is to complete an application using the link below. This is the first stage after which a formal process begins.


This involves assessment of the application, police background check, a face to face interview and an assessment weekend. If you successfully progress through each of these stages, then you begin a pathway within Auckland LSAR that includes steps from probationary through to becoming an operational member of the team. This process, can take up to 12 months so only those that are dedicated should apply.

Please note that we only do 1-2 intakes per year, typically between March & June. Therefore depending on when we receive an application, there may be a long period of time before we respond. However, each application is held for consideration prior to the next available intake and all applicants will eventually be contacted and advised if they are selected to proceed to the next stage.


PO Box 90629

Victoria St West

Auckland 1142