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What is it?

The WandaTrak Tracking System is used by Auckland Land Search and Rescue and NZ Police to search for people living with Dementia / Autism who regularly wander from their place of residence. However it can also be used for other groups of people as well.

How does it work?

The system is comprised of either a pendant or a watch which is worn by the person living with Dementia / Autism. The pendant / watch emits a pulse using a specific frequency. This pulse is detected using a Radio Tracking Unit and a Directional Finding Aerial. As the tracking unit approaches the pendant / watch, the stronger the pulse will be heard.

How much does it cost?

Auckland Land Search and Rescue (Auckland LandSAR) requests a donation is made to assist with the costs of this program. Auckland LandSAR currently fundraises to purchase the pendants / watches which cost $280 each and the battery replacements (done every 5 months) cost $60 each a time.

What are the benefits?

The benefit of the WandaTrak Tracking system is that it gives peace of mind to the families and helps to reduce the stress on the missing person. It also reduces the amount of resources required by Auckland LandSAR and Police when searching for the missing person.

How do I get one?

If you are looking after a person who is living with Dementia / Autism and who is regularly wandering from their place of residence, please contact Auckland LandSAR on their email: info@aucklandsar.org.nz or by calling the Alzheimers Society. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how the pendant / watch works and to discuss your needs.

For more information visit www.aucklandsar.org.nz